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I'm struggling to see the parallels between Macron and 5 Stelle. He's not even populist -- Mélenchon and Le Pen have that angle covered -- he just managed to create a buzz, he's the startup, the consumer product of the year. Green, he is not (he will probably be less worse than his predecessors in starting to reverse French backwardness in green investment. No more than that). And an outsider, a rebel? Did you buy that? Admit you weren't paying attention... No, he has brilliantly succeeded in a leveraged buyout, from the inside.

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by eurogreen on Tue May 9th, 2017 at 06:12:31 PM EST
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That's why I said snippets. There are no other similarities, and I trust macron as much as I did Cameron when he was campaigning on Greening Britain.
I have been paying some attention... ;)
I saw him trying to out-emote TV evangelists in one speech, worthy of the anti-Oscars nomination for transparent inauthenticity while on the job.
So no, i have no naive hopes that he will be other than a GM hybrid of Hollande and Renzi.
I am willing to be surprised though, these are strange days, and any moves towards a green direction in a land dominated by aging nuke plants would not be amiss, methinks.
Bet on it? No way!
Small and medium enterprises, well somehow I have a few doubts about his sincerity on this one too.
Nice to be wrong!
Tasking of Mv5*, they are still polling higher than anyone else, and there are faint noises of -finally, (if it's not another Renzi's feint) sorting out an electoral law worthy of the name.
There has been a wave of democracy-envy here lately seeing France, and now England and soon Germany.
If it weren't for MV5* politics in Italy would be the same necrotic combo of moribund and baroque. They have really shaken things up, and continue to do so, notwithstanding the vile low-level continual onslaught of wildly unfair media bias against them, orchestrated by the bloated megalomaniac Renzi, who just won a primary and is thus full of his delusionally jerky, perky self again.
I hope he gets the third big slapdown he's begging for, after losing the regional elections, then the referendum.
Mr Charisma is getting cornered by increasing scandals involving possible mob connections with the immigration business and copious doses of jiggery-pokery with bankster buddies, bailouts, Alitalia on life support, and worry that his placeholder Gentiloni won't necessarily be in a hurry to vacate his position, especially as he is a lot less of an international embarrassment than his predecessor.
A bit of an empty suit, but a tangible relief after mountebanks (!) like Renzusconi.

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by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Thu May 11th, 2017 at 09:47:44 AM EST
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