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is a genre of religious literature peculiar to jewish tradition in prophecy. It is not predictive speech. To presume that a prophet's testament (these two authors', for example) is "conditional" is to gainsay the definitive judgment of god regarding the condition (fealty to god) of the people. (Christine Hayes' treatment of the political function of prophets is instructive in this case.)

Psycho-analytic criticism is a genre of literature discredited by scientists who prefer to interpret chemical reactivity as expressing particular autonomic dysfunctions. Certain inferences are then extrapolated to "humanity", as is the custom of many a totalizing regime.

The authors pass over deconstruction methods in the DIY tool kit.

The judgment of their scientific informant, Australian marine biologist Jon Brodie, is "we've failed" to remedy or even prepare for climate change. But "Would I want to live like someone in Papua New Guinea to avoid climate change?" Brodie wonders. "Probably not."

Accordingly, the authors retreat from the brooding "we" to a peculiar image repertoire symbolizing anxiety or trauma --the causes being manifold and irreversible-- which the neurotic alone cannot repair.

In January of this year, a young Gambian man drowned in Venice's Grand Canal, while tourists in their gondolas laughed and filmed him on their phones. This was inhuman, and it suggests that the most immediate collapse of humanity might come from those places that will feel the physical brunt of climate change least directly. In the UK, which is more likely than most countries to escape desertification and mass famine, official and unofficial plans for the future are informed by the idea of a "Lifeboat Britain."

The author's conclusion attempts to reinforce the subliminal message, I need help.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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