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Jewish eschatology may have been born of a Babylonian environmental overshot, or several ancient overshots in the "fertile crescent". And yeah, Babylonian liberals with middle class humanitarian sensibilities were sitting ducks of that "apocalyptic" selection event:

The world's Holy Books - the Old and New Testaments, the Ko­ran, religious literature from the Middle Ages to this day - echo this voice of rebellion, combining contempt for the corrupt urban life, sus­picion of the merchant, and often, intense misogyny.
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This is motif that Bernal investigates in the three volumes of Black Athena. The first volume cause the most status quo ruckus, because Bernal tackles systematic "afro-asiatic" censorship. His project, first published 1987 by Rutgers, encouraged a vanguard of "multicultural" scholars like Hayes and Martin (above) or Graeber, who attained notoriety when he was dismissed from Yale for "wandering off the reservation".

Vagaries of Fashion: Abrahamic Faiths and Law

Bernal laid out as never before the historicizing, totalizing authority of european scholarship --especially among "classicists" who rejected "Ancient Model" historiography in order to define "Aryan" models of world history, humanity, civilization, and valid scientific, or empirical, "positivism" serving concomitant polemic serving divine and darwinian hierarchy of "races". Bernal does this by cross-examining three centuries of canonical literature and tuition sponsored by "gatekeepers" anchored to "Greek civilization". The other two volumes employ historical linguistic technique to translate archaeological materials and critique ethnographic syllabaries, cognates, and 'industry' persisting to this day. Now, note: Bernal's investigation does not reject out of hand all prior art. That's not his purpose; It is to restore "multicultural" material and authority to the body of knowledge of "humanity" which should be available to students.

The authors of this curiously titled essay "Tropical Depression" posit the ethical crisis, Who is disturbed by all manner of crises which "climate change" represents?
That depends, I suppose, on who has the time to investigate the "special case" --the parable-- of Pateh Sabally

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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"Arthur Wyns is a tropical biologist passionate about biodiversity and climate change action." This may explain in part his motive to promote Climate-KIC.

One group will be traveling from the fruit-orchards in Bologna, Italy, to a business innovation hub in Munich, Germany, and finally to Helsinki, Finland, where they will pitch the project they have developed during the course of their journey to a jury of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The six other groups that are being guided through Europe undergo a similar process, travelling from city to city and cultivating an out-of-the-box idea into a concrete business-plan.

where cultivating tropical biodiversity has been quite successful.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Did Bernal, Hayes (or anyone) related eschatology and historical ecology directly? If you have references, please email me.

The ancient Greece and Rome were organic progenies of the civilization centers round Asia Minor. They were the New Worlds across a sea or two, somewhat deviant in their intellectualism or organized militarism.

Apart from them, Europe was a backwater of the most active trade routes and cultural exchange up until the 16th century. With Portugal and Spain the most desperate back ends. But the military experiences in the Mediterranean provided Europe with a huge naval edge.

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Read Bernal's book, vol 1 - III, especially II-II, because those examine semitic languages' documentary and archeological artifacts relating Near East (a/k/a ocident, asia-minor/anatolia) and Egyptian "traditions" (myth cycles, cults, migration patterns) 3rd - 1st centuries BCE. Historical linguistic analysis gets quite technical with phonological and orthographic notations. For readers like me who are untutored in the "discipline" of translating dead languages, it's been a de-mystifying wonder puzzle. You simply have to acquire copies of the books. Totl bibliograhy ~ 600pp. I'm sorry.

I linked Hayes' intro to old testament youtube lectures (espec. 15-19, classic and literary prophets)here. You'll have to listen to them actually, hear the word and application of "eschatology" for yourself. Dale Martin's intro to NT, too.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Dale Martin's very first lecture offers his students a powerful "frame" for examining so-called sacred literature.

30 years ago I had was Bernal.

:: incidentally
I quite like the radically concise "syllabary" for reading classical T/Dao philosophy: yin, yang, not only because I've been cultivating my daughter's instruction in Mandarin for a decade.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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Thank you! I started watching.

Taoism underscores the complementary harmony of yin and yang, while their particular duality is emphasized by Confusianism.

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yes, and Lao Tzu et seq.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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