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This is more or less what I expect to see happening. The Brexiteers in Government have already shown an amazing willingness to accept almost anything the Commission proposes as long as they get their Brexit at the end of the day.  So we may have the UK as part of "a new" customs union, not "the" Customs Union... same with the Single Market - "access to" rather than "membership of"... Cosmetic changes, rather than changes of substance.

And yes, any damage to the UK economy will be largely incremental, cumulative, and long term, and can therefore be blamed on near term events as it manifests itself. The media aren't interested in causes which take longer than a few media cycles to manifest themselves. It will be whoever is in power at the time who will cop the blame - mostly when the leading Brexiteers have already retired "having done their job and freed GREAT Briton from foreign domination".

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