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Viktor Orbán, unlike Leo Varadkar, is not in the best mood
"a very direct exchange of views"
Obviously, Varadkar wasn't convinced. He announced at the press conference that
"Ireland doesn't agree with Hungary on the issue of migration and supports the concept of a common burden-sharing within the European Union," a statement which was greeted by 24.hu with enthusiasm: "An unheard-of thing happened in Budapest. Leo Varadkar announced that he doesn't share Orbán's migration policies." This is what Hungary has come to.

We learn more about the meeting and its flavor from the Irish prime minister, who gave an interview to The Irish Times after the encounter. Apparently they had "a very direct exchange of views" about Hungary's refusal to resettle refugees, about the tightening government control over civil society, and about the shuttering of Central European University, which is `a bastion of liberal values' in the region." He added that he can't tell whether this very direct exchange had much of an impact because Orbán is someone who is "very firm in his views and world views."

Varadker has a track record of ruffling feathers in Britain and N. Ireland by being very direct and forceful in the expression of his views in private, and not averse to repeating what transpired in public.

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