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Mary Hannigan is listed as a "sports writer" with the Irish Times. I have yet to see an insightful article on rugby by her. Today's offering is a commentary on the response to an RTE "Against the Head" programme which asked the question: "Is rugby now the people's game?". I have commented as follows on her article...
Oh dear! I realise that with the snowstorm and all there is precious little sport to write about, but whenever I see an Irish Times article from a non rugby writer I know it's another click-bait article designed to hoover up comments and controversy. Rugby as a snob sport is a standard topic guaranteed to get people going.  

That editorial strategy has become so obvious and repetitive the IT should really try to come up with a novel idea - such as teaching its rugby correspondents how to write, or its non-rugby correspondents that the quality of your twitter feed comments is directly proportional to the quality of commentators you choose to follow. That RTE are playing the same game with "Against the Head" is no excuse.  

So what have we learned from this article?  That rugby is gaining in popularity? (Stats please, hard evidence helps to make a case). That people like to follow a sport that is currently successful? Wow! What a stunning insight! That some people say rude things on Twitter? The mind boggles. That sports supporters like to engage in friendly rivalry?

I suppose you learn something every day. Just not today, In the Irish Times, The self entitled "Paper of Record"...

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