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That war is lost, they just don't know it yet.

They don't even have enough priests for school boards.

It'll take another decade or two, but they'll  be gone.

by Colman (colman at eurotrib.com) on Tue Jan 30th, 2018 at 06:29:17 PM EST
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There's plenty of wannabe uber-Catholics who will do the Church's bidding and even scare some priests with their puritanical zeal.  Allied to this is a lot of parents who don't practice religion themselves but like the idea of their kids being "socialised"=scared into being "good" kids. In the UK atheistic parents even attend Church so they can get their kids into "good" church schools...

Index of Frank's Diaries
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Jan 30th, 2018 at 06:35:08 PM EST
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My brother and sister-in-law did that. Pretty tacky, but that's why they got the big bucks and I didn't.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
by Cat on Tue Jan 30th, 2018 at 07:04:26 PM EST
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Come the day! When it comes please send missionaries to the Irish diaspora in the USA to help them perform a similar task. Were it not for church schools the private school sector would be vastly smaller, and the Catholic schools have twice the number of the next largest group - conservative protestant schools. Nonsectarian private schools are between the catholic and protestant schools in number of enrolments.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
by ARGeezer (ARGeezer a in a circle eurotrib daught com) on Wed Jan 31st, 2018 at 06:14:10 AM EST
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