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... there is nothing in the Corbyn election manifesto which falls foul of EU rules. So you can be anything from a Corbynista to a neo-liberal and find little that is objectionable in the Treaties.

George Peretz QC has a related analysis in the Guardian today.

Four reasons Jeremy Corbyn is dead wrong about EU state aid

I was struck by his comment

The real problem is not the state aid rules but the UK's own policy. The UK gives much less state aid per head than most EU countries, under-using the scope that it has within the state aid rules to support (for example) industrial training and regional development. And though Lexiters complain that the state aid rules could be an obstacle to a Labour government, in my experience they never get beyond abstractions about the "neoliberal" nature of those rules to actually set out the policies that a Labour government may want to implement that would not be permitted.
by oldremainmer48 on Thu Dec 27th, 2018 at 06:18:29 PM EST
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