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Copying the misogyny, racist policy of the imposter sitting in the White House. A new executive order to do business with the State, one must first pledge allegiance to the Jewish State of Israel ... Geez!

Maryland has no business chilling free speech to support foreign governments' human rights violations | Mondoweiss |

What do certain auto part suppliers, contractors and barbers in Maryland all have in common? In order to bid for procurement contracts with the State to provide services or goods, they must effectively first pledge loyalty to Israel.

If this doesn't concern you, it should.

Governor Hogan's executive order requires businesses with state contracts to promise they will not boycott the state of Israel.

Gov. Larry Hogan Signs Executive Order on BDS

In Annapolis this afternoon, Oct. 23, Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order prohibiting all executive branch agencies and firms with state contracts from participating in the boycott of the state of Israel.

The order aims to undermine the international Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions movement, which advocates that companies refuse to conduct business with the Jewish state. The BDS movement is opposed to the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his administration.

"BDS is a discriminatory campaign designed to undermine global trade with Israel," said Hogan.

In addition, the governor called on the board of trustees of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System "to take divestment action with regard to any companies that hold investments with entities who participate in the BDS movement."

Pro-Israel groups across the country advocate that states enact anti-BDS measures. Some critics of the anti-BDS movement say boycotts violate the First Amendment.

"I disagree," said Hogan, when asked about pro-BDS sentiments. "BDS is discriminatory. They are asking people to discriminate against Israel. That is clear to me."

The executive order reinforces the strong commercial relationship between Maryland and Israel. The state is home to more than 30 Israeli businesses, and the export relationship between Maryland and Israel reached a record high in 2015 with more than $145 million in product exports.

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