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I've never quite understood why Brexiteers think the UK (with zero experience and expertise) could negotiate better FTA's than the EU with a much bigger market and negotiating leverage. I've never heard them complain in specific detail about the many FTA's the EU already has negotiated or is in the process of negotiating, which together cover just about all their major trading partners.

I suppose the UK could negotiate FTA's more focused on it's own strengths in service industries, but I don't see why the EU could not do so just as well on the UK's behalf. The UK also sees potential in importing cheaper food from developing countries as it appears to have no interest in supporting its own food industry. But defaulting to WTO tariffs won't achieve that as they are highest for food products.  With the CAP moving from supporting production to supporting farm incomes directly, the EU may move slowly in that direction in any case.

I suspect the Brexiteers entertain fantasies of resuming master/servant relationships with former colonies - in which case I expect they are in for a rude shock. Ireland is showing no enthusiasm for resuming such a relationship despite being the hardest hit by Brexit.

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