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The article you quote is actually quite charitable to the "survivors" of early age boarding schools describing how they develop a defensive wall and survival strategies based on over-confidence, bullying, keeping your head down, becoming a charming bumbler, or keeping an incongruently unruffled smile in place - avoiding appearing insecure, unhappy, childish or foolish - and projecting those emotions onto others. In short, you have to become duplicitous to survive, and hiding your feelings makes it very difficult to develop mature relationships or emotional intelligence in later life.

However being charitable to the survivors and tolerating the continuance of the system are two different things, and it is remarkable the degree the system continues to dominate English public and private life, with two thirds of the Cabinet and much of the civil service, army, and industry still "led" by the emotionally damaged.

I have long argued that anti-Europeanism, besides being a natural consequence of national chauvinism, is also required to maintain the English class system intact, as it provides an external bogeyman to blame for all ills more accurately ascribed to the class bullies who actually run the UK show. Perhaps, in that sense, EU membership provided a crutch for the UK status quo, which can only be overturned by leaving. Perhaps Corbyn has a point after all...

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