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Nigel Farage, snake-oil salesman and brazen hypocrite
Farage remains the chief dog whistler of a party that regurgitates its own poisonous innards daily. He is also an 18-year member of the European Parliament, from which he draws more than €100,000 in salary plus a €300-a-day living allowance, is ranked 748 out of 751 for attendance and, following an investigation by financial controllers at the parliament, will reportedly have to repay about €95,000, with a fellow Ukip MEP, for alleged misuse of public funds intended for staffing his office.

He had "absolutely no hesitation" in backing the gun-flashing, homophobic religious zealot and alt-right darling Roy Moore in the US Senate special election in Alabama, endorsed Marine Le Pen and the far-right Alternative für Deutschland, and defended Donald Trump's retweets of racist Britain First hate posts, arguing that "the level of outrage from the liberal elite" in Britain was "out of all proportion" - although he was surely aware that the MP Jo Cox had died hearing the words "Britain First" from her killer's mouth.

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