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Dylan Tokar on FCPA Corporate Monitors
U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras held that the Department of Justice must provide Dylan Tokar, a reporter with the trade publication Just Anti-Corruption, the names of individuals nominated to monitor corporations' compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) along with records related to the selection process.
Do we know how many FCPA monitors there have been?

"There is no public list. The Department of Justice will release the names of individuals selected to serve as monitors, if you FOIA them. But there is not a public list. And they don't make it particularly easy for journalists or anyone in the public to get that information. Global Investigations Review over time has submitted FOIAs for that information. And we have a list that is available for our subscribers."
If you get the names from the FOIA, what is it going to show other than - these are candidates who are corporation friendly lawyers who work in the field?

"In the Chris Christie case, that monitorship was valued at upwards of $50 million. These monitorships are incredibly lucrative. Prosecutors have a tendency to kick these monitorships to former prosecutors. There is a cronyism allegation that keeps coming up."

"unimaginable treachery" &tc, &tc

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