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Professor Jim Dornan is a world renowned gynaecologist living on Northern Ireland's "Gold Coast"... He's from a unionist background. ... He's also recently started thinking he might just back a united Ireland. And he's not alone. ...

In the nationalist community, there's long been a sizeable percentage that wants a united Ireland with its heart but is held back by some cooler, head-driven calculations. ... Nationalists who'd been content to stay in the UK tell you that on the night of the referendum results something clicked in their mind and the scales tipped on the issue of Irish unity. ...

we picked up stirrings, ... which don't show a shift has decisively happened but which suggest some minds are more open to the idea of a united Ireland ...

Ian Marshall was President of that unionist bastion the Ulster Farmers ... but said he thought many unionists were "beginning to think the unthinkable." I asked if he was one of them? "Yeah, I'm a realist, I'm a pragmatist." ...

Northern Ireland census, which will coincide with the centenary of the founding of Northern Ireland in 2021, those with a Catholic background will probably be the larger ...

Professor Dornan dreams of Sinn Fein like UKIP after Brexit folding up its tent and disappearing into obscurity.

Maybe it's too early to say "One liberal unionist warns that Unionism could lose its negotiating leverage if it leaves discussions with Dublin much longer." The border question could still be sorted in a pragmatic way so the Brexit drive towards reunification would lose its potency.

But within the next generation, could there be a heavy majority (2/3) in a border poll?

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Sun May 20th, 2018 at 11:37:41 AM EST

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