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The other elephant is Global Warming

If the rate of global warming continues to increases [and it is] and the climate continues to change there could be severe adverse effects on Ireland. As an island nation we are particularly vulnerable to increasing sea levels with coastal regions facing issues of flooding.  More erratic weather conditions could lead to both increased rainfall and storms as well as water shortages in summer. Increased rainfall could lead to flooding and in turn this would have adverse effects on water quality.

Changing weather could [will] also have devastating effects on the plants and wildlife of the country.

With the Gulf Stream slowing the effects will be felt sooner rather than latter.  Ireland is more-or-less on the same latitude as Labrador.  Without the moderating affect of the Gulf Stream Ireland's climate and weather will be "pushed" to similarities with Labrador.  Countering this will be the "pull" of increased ocean temperature along the equator and a consequent greater flow of warm moist air from the south hitting a greater flow of cold dry air from the north. How that plays out will be interesting.

Politically and economically NI is already a basket case.  The last time Ireland underwent this kind of weather induced stress was the middle 1600s and we all know what happened then: war and famine.  

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by ATinNM on Thu May 24th, 2018 at 01:17:51 AM EST
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