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Boris Johnson calls for May to deliver `full British Brexit'
Boris Johnson has urged British prime minister Theresa May to deliver a "full British Brexit" as cabinet colleagues warned the UK is able to walk away without a deal.

UK international trade secretary Liam Fox said the UK was not "bluffing" about being prepared to walk away from talks with Brussels and Brexit secretary David Davis said there is "lots going on" to prepare in case negotiations collapse.

Meanwhile foreign secretary Mr Johnson said people would not tolerate a "bog roll Brexit" that was "soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long".

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that when the UK government talks abut preparing for a no-deal Brexit, it is all part of a negotiating tactic, to be used liberally whenever negotiations are not going their way. On the other hand, when the EU talks about preparing for a no-deal Brexit, it is part of a genuine and serious contingency planning process.

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