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Preparing for a "worst case" no deal scenario is a necessary and unavoidable part of any negotiation process. It would be irresponsible and reckless not to do so.

It may also have psychological/political benefits in concentrating people's minds on precisely what is at stake. In that sense it may make swallowing the compromises required for a deal more politically palatable and make everyone more determined to arrive at a deal.

My sense has been that UK preparations for a no deal scenario have been tokenistic to date and more aimed at the psychological benefits. I think the EU preparations have been ore serious, also evidenced by the fact they are headed up by the top Commission administrator known for his ruthless efficiency. Quite a contrast to Davis!

I don't know whether Raab's new energy and focus is driven by a genuine concern that "no deal" is likely, or because it may make it easier to sell to doubters. Either way, it is a win win approach for him to take. As a lawyer, he may appreciate the importance of letting your client know the risks and consequences of losing a case.

Frankly, no one was taking his predecessor seriously. Davis had spent the grand total of 4 hours  negotiating with the EU this year to date.

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