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Ever since the referendum, we have all known that Brexit was going to be a train wreck. The only question being : which side will the train fall? Soft or hard?

There would be a certain amount of satisfaction in watching Boris take over to serve a Full English Dog's Brexit, then lose an election and disappear into the dustbin of history with David Cameron (remember him?). Then the next government can come begging :

Or May might survive and serve a soft-boiled Brexit, with full costs, taking rules and not making them, and no added value. Then the next government can ...

... turn the message around :

When I say Norway Plus - what is the plus? Well, people including some of my comrades in this country and in this party, say to me that the problem with the Norway solution and the difficulty the Labour Party has in supporting it, is because it turns Britain into an EU rules-taker.

This of course is correct  - this is the price you have to pay for being inside a transnational market. But it doesn't have to be that way. Britain does not have to be an EU rule-taker if it strikes a Norway-style agreement.

Allow me to be very specific in three areas here. One is labour market standards and protections for wage labour. Secondly, environmental standards and the protection of the environment. Thirdly, financial regulation. Nothing stops Britain in a Norway-style agreement from setting for itself and for any company working within the United Kingdom, higher regulatory standards for the City of London, higher environmental standards, higher minimum wages and higher standards for defending wage labour.

So instead of thinking of the EU single market rules as the ceilings: think of them as the floors! And think of Labour as the party that will campaign out there for improving the environmental standards, labour standards and financial regulation standards of Brussels and Frankfurt.

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by eurogreen on Tue Jul 10th, 2018 at 02:38:56 PM EST

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