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I hope you're right when it comes to Eastern Europe. But isn't there some difference between the internal struggle of shedding ideological/religious baggage and reversing the project of 'illiberal democracy' that is underpinned by xenophobia? The linchpin issue of immigration is one of the political areas where an itch will be scratched to the bone - no matter how irrational that is.

Insofar, I think the refugee crisis and the events of 2015 have been politically a catastrophe on the scale of 9/11. We all remember how meshugge the US became and still is. And now we're seeing how ugly we can be.

The governments can't let the xenophobia go - it's a major source of power and a surefire way to rile up the masses. Culturally, it's even more difficult to dislodge. I hope I'm wrong but I fear it's already split the EU too much. Though not too much when it comes to handling the UK.

Titanic approaching the iceberg. Of course it's the iceberg's fault.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Wed Jul 11th, 2018 at 12:48:11 AM EST
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