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`Am I bovvered?' EU shrugs its shoulders at Davis resignation
Others, officials and diplomats alike, were a little bit more forthcoming when asked to "react",  though all off the record.

Most were quick to point out that Davis actually spent very little time in Brussels negotiating. A total of four hours this  year, according to official records. He would hardly be missed. A much-vaunted warm relationship with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier - their shared hillwalking passion was often mentioned - was largely for show.

It wasn't only that Davis's role in the talks was never central, a role assumed week in week out by Olly Robbins, the civil servant who is Theresa May's chief EU adviser and strategist, but the latter had effectively usurped his position in the chain of command. "There have been clear tensions for some time," one diplomatic source observed.

Robbins has drafted most of the policy documents and May's key speeches and many of these have reportedly not even been seen by the now former Brexit secretary until they were about to be delivered. Some reports suggest he had been out of the loop on the White Paper discussed at cabinet, due to be published this week.

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