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That's actually pretty mind-blowing.
Northern Irelanders are very aware of being the meat in the sandwich, they are already living in an economically depressed region and they are far more likely to have thought through the impact of Brexit than the average Briton.

Given the extremely sectarian nature of local politics, a surprisingly high (to me) fraction of habitual unionists to change position.

But representative democracy being what it is, that's highly unlikely to result in a majority of elected representatives in favour of Irish unity.

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by eurogreen on Mon Sep 3rd, 2018 at 10:48:40 AM EST
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I wouldn't trust a simple 52/39 split in an opinion poll to deliver a majority in an actual referendum once the sectarian fears are whipped up, but a 56/40 split in the event of a hard border is pretty decisive. And that is before the economic effects of a hard Brexit kick in. I don't think Unionists (and the DUP in particular), had any idea how much a game changer Brexit would be. See Newton Emerson on this...

Don't forget many Unionist farmers also have a lot to lose from Brexit, and any soft unionists with socially liberal attitudes - yes, there are a few...

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