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Theresa May excels herself in another exercise in futility - John Crace - Political Sketch Writer - The Guardian

John Crace - He who invented the concept of 'The Maybot' with her inadequate operating system and the 'Four Pot Plants' passing judgement on the negotiations - brings his usual pithy putdowns to bear.

Nothing had changed, it was all the EU's fault and she wanted respect. Has she any for herself?

Was this the moment Theresa May finally lost all touch with reality? The day the Maybot's circuits overloaded and reverted to their factory settings. The day when history was rewritten in such a way as to make it virtually unrecognisable.
May, who has turned exercises in futility into an artform during her time in office, excelled herself this time. Nothing had changed from yesterday, when nothing had changed from the day before. Except this time she wanted to appear determined and steely instead of sweaty and terrified. She had looked into the abyss of her own career and decided that if she was going down then she would do her best to take her party and the country with her.

The Salzburg summit hadn't gone very well, she began. Nothing like a statement of the obvious to get things rolling. ....

If that style appeals, then do read on.

by oldremainmer48 on Fri Sep 21st, 2018 at 08:26:08 PM EST
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