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Well I suppose there is this...
Key points from the [House of Commons] standards committee's findings

    Mr Paisley went on three luxury holidays to Sri Lanka at the expense of the Sri Lankan government in 2013.
    The committee found the cost "much higher" than the £50,000 Mr Paisley estimated.
    In 2014, Mr Paisley wrote to the prime minister to lobby against supporting a UN resolution on Sri Lanka over alleged human rights abuses.
    By failing to declare his trip, Mr Paisley "breached the rule against paid advocacy, the committee said.
    The committee acknowledged that there was "inconsistent guidance" in relation to registering such trips, but it did not "exonerate Mr Paisley from breaching the advocacy rule".

The recall petition failed by 444 votes to achieve the 10% of the electorate required to force Ian Paisley's dismissal. His constituency is the safest, most loyalist dominated constituency in N. Ireland, so many voters may have taken the view that his recall would be pointless: He would easily win the resulting bye-election thus providing the DUP with a public exoneration and propaganda victory. This was the DUP remains tainted by his corruption, although DUP leader, Arlene Foster's misbehaviour over the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal is a far more serious issue.

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