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Theresa May's 'tough and uncompromising' approach got her Chequers Brexit plan rejected, says EU | The Independent |

The president of the European Council has hit back at Theresa May after the Prime Minister kicked-off over the rejection of her Chequers Brexit plan and demanded more "respect" in talks.

In a statement released on Friday evening Donald Tusk blamed in part Ms May's conduct for the rejection of her proposals, warning that EU leaders had responded to a "tough and in fact uncompromising" stance by the PM by hardening their own position in the run-up to a key summit in Salzburg.

He argued that the British government had known the EU was going to reject the proposals "in every detail" for weeks because the two sides has been in contact.

"The UK stance presented just before and during the Salzburg meeting was surprisingly tough and in fact uncompromising," he said.

"The response of the EU27 leaders was to reiterate our trust in chief negotiator Michel Barnier and to reiterate our position on the integrity of the Single Market and the Irish backstop."

Ms May had written a defiant article in a German newspaper and gave a tough-talking speech to leaders over dinner in the summit which appeared to rub some member states the wrong way.

Theresa May fordert Entgegenkommen der EU | Der Spiegel |

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Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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