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After May's humiliation, Labour must seize the initiative on Brexit | The Guardian Opinion |

This should be a moment of opportunity for Labour and the wider left. The Tories' Brexit agenda was never about restoring sovereignty to ordinary people - its purpose is to deregulate the British economy and bring us more in line with the American mode, permanently shifting the balance of power in society. By deploying a narrative about the economic crisis that blamed immigration falling living standards, the Brexit project aimed, via the means of a popular vote, to be on the winning side of history.

From an earlier diary ...

    Every disadvantage has its advantage or new opportunities, ...

    A lot to consume in this strong editorial, it's the underlying decade long development of the Eastern Bloc that has caused the erosion of Western - or Old Europe's principles of the Common Market of the Six. I do put much of the blame in the aggression of NATO to move its frontier eastward and with the Afghan War at the behest of the United States, into a global expeditionary force for regime change wherever. The main culprits are the U.S. under Clinton - Bush - Obama and the U.K. regimes of Tony Blair - Gordon Brown - David Cameron.

A Global Britain without Brussels and ECJ

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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