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the problem being that Suez has been all but edited from history as UK public and politicians understand it.

Everything is still Churchill gruffly declaring, "Very well then. Alone !!" with only the memory of the victory 5 years later to vindicate him.

They forget that, at that stage of the war, we were losing. And losing badly. Dunkirk was still the final humiliation of a chaotic defeat in France rather than the plucky rearguard action mythology later painted it. The Atlantic convoys were being sunk wholesale.

But no, we only remember the Battle of Britain, Sinking the bismarck, the Dambusters, our starring role in D-Day. Even Arnhem (FFS!!!)

Suez?? Wassat????

My FB timeline is filled with rah rah screeds about Britain having saved Europe in WW2. How we won the falklands while giving the world rock and roll.

Realistic or even moderately optimistic assessments of our post-EU futue simply do not feature.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 at 06:39:22 PM EST
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Because for convinced Brexiteers, its not about economics. It's about national pride. It's about once again being a major power in the world in your own right - dealing with the EU and other major powers as an equal.

It's about forgetting that winning WWII was only possible with US and Soviet assistance. It's about forgetting the EU's role in helping the UK remain the 5th. largest economy in the world.

It's about English being the lingua franca of the world. It's about Queen and country, the Commonwealth, about Oxbridge and a class system desinged to rear "natural rulers" with an entitlement to rule.

Forget Suez, IMF, Scottish independence, Irish troubles. Especially forget Brussels bureaucracy, multilateralism, and boring diplomacy. The world needs us!

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