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(i) I don't know. I lost it sometime between Y1 and Y2. iirc, it described temperamental changes and interactions with others. The last time, before today, that I wondered where it might be was after my child attained puberty.
(ii) See (i)
(iii) See (i)

The first two years was a um confusing period. My fears and ambitions were allayed over time with regular income and infant bowel movements (seriously, that was a significant concern, 8mo - 12mo but did not necessitate hospitalization, only PediaLite dosages). I'm almost certain though that the chart did not predict this or other typical, semi-medical emergencies that arise and which no one prepares one for. Older, more experienced people usually have something to say during and after the fact.

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Having had three kids and now two grand kids I am always amazed at the number of minor medical emergencies parenthood entails. How they manage to turn out all right after all the crises is a source of bewilderment and bewonderment to me - almost enough to make me consult an astrologer, - but not quite!

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