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A reasonable alternate take, but what senior politician wouldn't try for the top job if they saw an opportunity? I doubt she had the vision to understand just how impossible it would turn out to be and might have seen herself as the "sensible" centrist alternative to the swivel eyed loons on the Brexiteer extremes.

Turns out there is no sensible centrist position on Brexit with any significant degree of support in the Tory party and perhaps nationwide. The "have cake and eat it" and "the easiest negotiation in history" brigade have left the negotiation job to her so that they can attack her when she doesn't deliver on their promises.

So she's the fall-girl for inevitable failure, but that failure is more due to circumstance than her cynical opportunism. I don't pity her, but also don't think that failure will be down to her personal qualities, or lack of them.

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