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There is a reference to Junker's Bucharest comments in the Guardian

Juncker hints at helping out Theresa May over Brexit deal

But the 'help' remains limited to clarifications on the non-permanent nature of the backstop and not a legally binding interpretation. That will not satisfy the DUP nor the ERG et al.

[Juncker] said: "What we have said very clearly in council and commission, in full harmony, was that there can be no renegotiation, there can be clarification. But that's all we are discussing with Downing Street what these clarifications might amount to, that should not confused with a renegotiation with regards to the backstop. Aside from these remarks I think it would be unwise to go into the ongoing discussions."

There is momentum in the inexorable movement towards the cliff edge.

by oldremainmer48 on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 at 11:40:17 AM EST
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That will not satisfy the DUP nor the ERG et al.

I understand that nothing could possibly satisfy the DUP or the ERG, let alone both.
by Bernard on Sat Jan 12th, 2019 at 06:48:34 PM EST
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