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For instance, if the "backstop" was time limited, the EU could approve the revised deal even if it meant selling out Ireland.

No it couldn't. That's absurd. A time limit on the backstop without any guarantees on final status means either a hard border or a smuggler's paradise. Or, more likely, both.

Remember, there is always the perfectly coherent Final Status outcome (probably the only coherent outcome) of a single customs territory of Ireland. This is entirely achievable, as long as there's a general election before final status.

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by eurogreen on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 at 04:35:50 PM EST
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Yes, but the hard border or a smuggler's paradise would only come about after the time limit has expired, whereas under the no deal scenario it would become operational on 29th. March.

The next general election isn't due until 2022, long after any time limits or transition periods currently being contemplated. So the DUP will continue to have a veto "for the foreseeable future".

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