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She's got three days.

Three days to come up with a radical alternative to the deal she took two years to cobble together.

The only alternative to hard Brexit (in fact hard-brexit-fudge, where the EU takes a rasp to the sharp edges to prevent too many deaths) is to ask the EU27 for a prolongation of, say, a year while "the UK" decides what it really, really wants (what "brexit means brexit" means).

The EU27 would no doubt, magnanimously, agree to this delay, ON CONDITION that the "government of the UK" submit a plan in which they lay out a process for ... starting from scratch in order to reach a national decision.

The only propositions which seem likely to get EU27 approval would be a new referendum, or a general election. Can anyone see any other reasons for kicking the can down the road some more?

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by eurogreen on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 at 09:31:33 AM EST
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