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Thank goodness right-wing politics in Israel have lost all faith in the Jewish diaspora in America. So Netanyahu needs to kiss ass of the Evangelicals in the States which empower the Republican candidates. Across the African continent the authoritarian regimes and in "New" Europe, the Likud cozies up to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. In the Ukraine the political power of the oligarchs are evenly divided in pro-West and pro-Russian. Therefore Netanyahu is sitting on the fence and won't criticize Putin for the annexation of Crimea (after a people's `vote' of course). Trump's Jews a Shanda.

I don't know what playbook Number 6 is reading from, but his statement couldn't be left unanswered.

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The so-called Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, & Islam) lived peacefully together for many centuries in Mesopotamia

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by Oui on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 at 01:30:48 PM EST
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