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Sweden: The greens have consistently supported islamists, and the social democrats have delayed legislation so that Sweden is far behind the rest of Europe in dealing with terrorism. Both are blind to Middle Eastern style antisemitism.

I don't follow the political parties in Sweden that closely, find above statement painting a broad view. Is the Green Party inclusive to the Muslim community in Sweden? In addition I find Sweden has made a turn to the right in foreign policy. Blind to Middle Eastern style antisemitism is an odd statement to make.

Israel has a policy to broaden the definition of anti-semitism to include Zionism and criticism of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians in occupied territory. I wonder what you mean by this remark.

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    Other funding

    The NRC says Wilders does not appear to have any other foreign funding. Daniel Pipes, director of the neo-conservative think tank Middle East Forum has donated to Wilders in the past but told the NRC last year he was withdrawing his backing following Wilders' `fewer Moroccans' chant and court case.

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