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Thank you. My answer will be a lot more scatter shot and less thoughtful than yours. Think of it as impressionism, especially the references.

In the words of Gad Saad: "in the Middle East, hatred of Jews is built in on the cellular level." (Saad is a Lebanese Sephardi Jew whose family left for Canada in 1975.)

If the "criticism" of Israel is that the country shouldn't exist, then yes, I consider that to be about "Jews", not politics. Antisemitism predates Israel by thousands of years.  In the middle east holocaust denial is the default position in many school textbooks. Middle eastern media has a level of casual antisemitism (not just anti-zionism or whatever) that Europe hasn't seen since the days of ... well, Shakespeare.

Social democratic parties in the UK and Sweden, probably Belgium (possibly elsewhere) have made it their goal that immigrants from the Middle East - the future core voters as the parties have given up on the indigenous middle class - should choose their party by default. (If you don't, Islamist parties will get those votes, as they have already begun to do in Belgium.) This involved playing to these groups by ignoring what would be considered antisemitism if it came from white people on the right.  Can you sing the "Khaybar" song and just be talking about Israel and the 1967 borders? Apparently.

The religious branch of the social democratic party (Socialdemokrater för Tro och Solidaritet) have a long history of shilling for groups connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The tax payers money passed through the foreign office (Utrikesdepartementet) to supports a one-state solution: Palestine without Israel.
Other countries have stopped supporting the Palistinean Authority when it gets too vocal it its support for terrorists whose main goal is killing jews. Sweden (The Social Democrats) does not.

Verbal and financial support to various organisations and people: Ship to Gaza (supported by Turkeys APK),  Milli Görus, Turkish Grey Wolves, Hamas, Hezbollah, Swedish Muslims for Peace and Justice, Mahmoud Abbas.

The EU considers Hamas to be a terrorist organisation. The Swedish Social Democrats are not too worried.

At the current rate, Sweden will be the new Lebanon in a generation so the point will be moot.

Right, I'll go back to my own bubble for a few years again, and you can keep yours. Deal? :)

Regarding the supposed turn to the right, one of the main points in the recent agreement is more generous rules for bringing in relatives (or "relatives").

I'll just put one link in English here and put the rest, mostly in Swedish but with my subjective summary, separately.

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