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I'm no student of Sociology as I am a β-man, the sciences and math.

However, from my experience in life over many generations and evaluating where we are as a society, I would search here for an explanation:

<< Capitalism, Rise of Inequality, Class, Pressure on Social Order M/F, Ownership, Slump In Masculinity >>

Social order in (primitive tribes) Amazon Indians - Africa Turkana - Arabian peninsula - Central Asia - Polynesia

The Many Ways Society Makes a Man

Decolonizing Middle East Men and Masculinities Scholarship: An Axiomatic Approach

    ... critical approaches to masculinity can easily become incorporated into liberal, colonial, or disciplinary state projects. I would add that the dominant theories in contemporary masculinity studies were produced largely by white male scholars in the United States and Australia whose assumptions in relation to Western societies have been globalized as theory writ large relatively unselfconsciously.

    The three axiomatic assumptions around which this review essay is structured (1) recognize masculine difference, plurality, and self-making; (2)  understand masculinities as shaped by capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism, but also "local" systems and ideas; and (3) pay close attention to masculine embodiments and emotions and not only the abstract workings of ideology, law, institutions, and systems.

Bride Kidnapping and Women's Civic Participation in the Kyrgyz Republic

Market Economy and Changing Sex-Roles on a Polynesian Atoll

I was searching for:

Capitalism and Democracy by Gabriel A. Almond

Came across Almond here and here >>

Better late than never, 60-year-old thesis on New York society published

A class of professional politicians arose to run New York, he found. Through contributions, the wealthy ensured government did not harm their businesses, but took no interest in broader issues except temporarily in times of crisis, such as an embarrassing government corruption scandal, war or the threat of social unrest. Without their involvement most of the time, Almond wrote, the professional politicians were limited in what they could undertake.

The Cold War, Almond says now, altered these dynamics. "The level of threat and tension surrounding the Cold War made people willing to sacrifice, pay taxes and accord a lot of authority to the president and the executive," if not directly to local government. Now that the threat is gone, government is in disrepute and there is virtually no effort to deal with the social problems of American cities.

The politicians of New York and other cities brag about their falling crime rates, he said, "but that is largely attributable to demographics. There just aren't as many boys and young men right now, and you still have an overpopulation in the prison system and an enormous investment of resources in them."

The "tragic irony" of disinterest in local politics by "respectable society," he writes in his preface, is that "it condemns us to cope with the consequences of inner city breakdown rather than with its causes. The inner city holds the public safety and order of American society in hostage, and government can only respond by putting more policemen on the streets and building more prisons."

Interesting stuff ... now will a master in Sociology explain the white class, identity, oppression of women, development of human kind over the last seven decades since World War II. The role of women during the war replacing men in the factories ... the start of a revolution that led to emancipation and urge for equal rights. Process is not completed as of today ... wasn't the first wave of women's rights taking place during the First World War and the voting rights or Suffrage movement. Nice! Education serves a purpose after all.

by Oui on Sat Jan 26th, 2019 at 09:52:46 PM EST
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Now that the threat is gone,

What happened to Islam?

The politicians of New York and other cities brag about their falling crime rates, he said, "but that is largely attributable to demographics.

Ignoring all the evidence that it's mainly attributable to elimination of leaded gasoline.

by gk (gk (gk quattro due due sette @gmail.com)) on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 at 11:54:59 AM EST
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