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Dublin Bus is a semi-state company which gets a state subvention to supplement fare income. It would need capital subventions to cover cost of additional new buses and to cover operating expenses. This would probably be central government funded as their isn't much local/regional devolution of power in Ireland.

For ideological/competition reasons new routes/additional frequencies would probably have to be put out to tender to Dublin Bus and independent commercial bus companies who would be paid by passenger mile or some such formula or a set price per bus per route.

There are quite a few bus lanes in Dublin already although some streets are simply too narrow to accommodate them. Car drivers moan some are barely used, so an increase in utilisation would be welcomed especially if it resulted in a reduction in car traffic congestion.

There are some tram routes (Luas) and light rail routes (Dart) in Dublin and some extensions are planned. However the capital costs of extensions are horrendous and only cover a relatively small proportion of the city.

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