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Orrr-duhhh: Speaker Bercow presides over MPs as if they were unruly children

The speaker of the House of Commons is usually taken for granted, except for those rare moments when Britain is having a legislative meltdown and parliament gets centre stage.

And for the Brexit crisis, you might say that the current speaker, John Bercow, is made to ORRR-DUHHH.

As a rambunctious parliament is grappling with the contentious issue, Bercow is trying to stay above the fray even as he plays a major role in shaping the debate.

With his stentorian voice, assertive ways and unapologetic manners, he's playing a major role shaping the debate over the UK's troubled withdrawal from the European Union.

But along the way, he has ruffled some feathers in the government of Theresa May. He's even been compared to the devil by a tabloid newspaper.

The 55-year-old Bercow, who has been speaker since 2009, determines which amendments will be voted on, who will be called upon to speak, and deciding when to use his commanding voice to demand "order".

Or as he sometimes pronounces it, "ORRR-DUHHH! ORRR-DUHHH!"  

Unterhaus-Sprecher John Bercow hat auch heute wieder eine sensationelle Krawatte gewählt | Neue Zürcher Zeitung |

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