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AP | UK Parliament moves to make 'no-deal' Brexit more difficult
hmmm. NO more 'difficult' than usual to implement Tory gov austerity policy; NO more 'difficult' than usual to default. hmmm... ahhn ...

BBC | MPs try to limit government's no-deal financial powers

If passed, it would mean the government would not be able to raise certain taxes and take other financial steps arising from a no deal - unless Parliament had explicitly authorised the UK leaving the EU without a deal.
Guardian | Theresa May suffers Commons defeat over no-deal Brexit
Privately those behind the amendment's success concede it may have little material effect on no-deal preparations. ...Backers of the amendment concede that it cannot, in and of itself, stop a no-deal Brexit from occurring. ...it would not prevent the government from collecting tax.
ITV | Finance bill amendment: Why it could impact no-deal Brexit
A separate measure backed by the Liberal Democrats and other opposition parties would prevent the government collecting key taxes unless Parliament has approved its approach to Brexit.

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