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The murder of my wife, Jo Cox, is being used to cow MPs. That's not her legacy | The Guardian Opinion |

... the thing that comes out in almost every photo is her spirit of generosity and kindness. Her smile is unmissable and unforgettable - even in the face of awful weather, precipitous rock climbs or on tough days. We miss her energy and positivity in our lives as much as anything.

So it's hard to describe how strange it is to see her name used as a threat. At first it was individual MPs being threatened with her name.

Anna Soubry, a Tory MP harangued by far-right protesters on Monday, was threatened by a man who said she should be "Jo Cox'd". The man responsible was jailed for eight weeks.

Helen Jones, Labour MP for Warrington North, was similarly threatened. A man holding a hunting knife said to social workers: "I'm going to go there and Jo Cox her."

A third MP, Stella Creasy, received a threatening letter saying she would "join that woman cox". The SNP politicians Stewart Stevenson and Angus MacNeil were told to "remember what happened to Jo Cox" - the person responsible in that case was prosecuted and fined.

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
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