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Tories call for Holyrood inquiry into botched Alex Salmond probe | The Scotsman |

A Holyrood inquiry is being called for into the "shambles" surrounding the botched sexual harassment probe into former First Minister Alex Salmond. The Tories have made the call amid concerns the Scottish Government conceded defeat in the case against the former First Minister to stop more embarrassing revelations coming to light.

Mr Salmond won a dramatic victory over the Government he once led at the Court of Session in Edinburgh yesterday after procedural flaws emerged in the handling of a probe into two allegations of sexual harassment which had been made against him.

The botched Alex Salmond harassment inquiry could stop women speaking out | The Guardian - Opinion |

At the court of session in Edinburgh on Tuesday, the Scottish government accepted that civil servant Judith MacKinnon had had "prior contact" with the complainants before she was appointed to lead the inquiry. It was also suggested she was involved in drafting the new procedures which allowed the complaints to be brought.


The first minister has also thrown her weight behind Evans. In a statement she said she had full confidence in the permanent secretary and that she would remain in her post. But Evans didn't helped herself by issuing a statement in which she claimed that all Salmond's other complaints about the process - including that he had been denied access to the evidence - had been "dismissed" (they were dismissed only in the sense they were not considered because they had become "academic").

With calls for a scalp coming from all sides, Evans may yet be forced out, especially if the police investigation ends with no charges. And, if she is, Sturgeon's credibility will be further undermined. But the greatest casualty of this debacle is trust in the process.  

Nicola Sturgeon apologises after flaw found in Alex Salmond investigation

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