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For once I'm gonna disagree strongly with Fintan O'Toole. In fact, he skirts being condescendinly patronising.
 for starters, the English Civil war was hardly bloodless. I know it was in the mid 17th century, but he's the one who started there.

Moving forwards, from Peterloo (1819) onwards, the English Establishment have always ensured that they demonstrate an eagerness to use overwhelming violence against any threat of insurrection and will  be merciless at the first sign of trouble. The number of deaths may be small, 15 or so at Peterloo, only 1 when Churchill ordered troops to fire on strking miners in Tonypandy in 1910, no known deaths after the Battle of George Square in glasgow 1919 when tanks and cavalry were used. But on each and every occasion hundreds are left injured and thousands are traumatised. The lesson is learned ; step out of line and you and every one you know will suffer grievously.

Even the Battle of Orgreave in the 80s was a minor demonstration, but using modern disinformation techniques to sell a lie to to the public as to what actually happened and bolster the Establishment's case. Few were badly injured, but the television narrative sent the message intended.

At no point has a genuine revolution been attempted since the 1650s, but blood has been shed at every stage of establishing basic rights for working people.

However, we are here now, and fascists roam the streets unmolested. Left wingers may be arrested for staging lay down protests outside the Houses of Parliament, but violent hooligans seem to be free to harange and threaten legislators at their convenience.

And, as I've said, we haven't got to the end of the A50 process yet. The police have reported an uptick of guns and other weapons being smuggled into the UK, yet we have seen no increase in gun-related crime. All of which suggests that these groups are tooling up.

If brexit happens then we may have a period of calm, but if A50 is cancelled or things begin to fall apart after brexit, then I suspect we may be in for desperate times with a genuine possibility of an attempted coup.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 at 07:57:53 PM EST
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