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The EU states have kept one voice in approach towards the negotiations which expresses a lot of confidence in the team lead by Michel Barnier. The opposite partner has from the start shown division and Theresa May's posturing has exacerbated divisiveness by her choice of Party above Country. She has fallen flat on her face and no one is willing to pick her up.

For The Netherlands and Mark Rutte, a no-deal is not an option and he is willing to go further to seek a compromise. Rutte is right-wing and conservative with similar goals as Great Britain under Tories and the U.S. with Republican leadership.

There is a good chance, all parties involved will make a different choice in the last minute before the hammer falls. The hard Brexiteers are willing to sacrifice the nation to get their preferred no-deal.

UK MEP Andrew Duff: Brexit deal could be nudged through with a 'judicious tweak'
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Too little, too late

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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