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EU preparing to delay Brexit until AT LEAST July
Danielle ["12-week General Election Calendar"] Haralambous, a UK analyst at the EIU, said: "Time is simply running out, and we're at a stage where Brexit can probably[!] only [!] happen in late March now in the unlikely[!] event that parliament approves [wut] Mrs May's [LEAVE] deal on 15 January, or if parliament supports leaving without a deal. For all other options [REMAIN], the government will need to buy more time, and we think the EU will be willing to provide it to avoid a cliff-edge situation."
It's time for May to pull the emergency brake and extend article 50 , "the negotiation period"
The reason why a no-deal Brexit is not going to happen has nothing to do with there being a majority in parliament against it. Parliament has no say in stopping the inexorable progress of article 50, which will take us out of the EU at the end of March this year.

Rather, it is the instinct for self-preservation that will make the government pull the emergency brake in the end and ask Brussels for more time - as it can do at any moment up until the end of March.

revoke A.50, someday, any day now ...

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by Cat on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 at 12:51:37 AM EST
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