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Theresa May urges MPs to vote for withdrawal agreement after EU 'assurances' Irish backstop would be 'temporary' | Belfast Telegraph |

Mrs May said the EU had agreed to a "fast track process" to agree a new trade deal with the UK after Brexit, and that this made it more likely the backstop will never have to be used.

A restored Stormont would also have a say on any new EU rules that are added to the backstop.

Answering questions from journalists, Mrs May said: "You talk about Parliament taking control. What I think is important is that we deliver on the result of the referendum.

"What I'm concerned about from what we have seen, as I've said in my speech, over the last few days is the real prospect that we could see a, sort of, stymie in Parliament, or Parliament operating, or people in Parliament trying to operate in a way, that frustrates Brexit.

"We have a duty to deliver Brexit and that's what I and the Government want to do, and it is what we are going to do.

"I want MPs to recognise that as well."

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