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+++ EU leaders react to UK's Brexit vote - live updates +++ | DW |

  •    Politicians across the EU demanded that the UK provide clarity on Brexit after lawmakers in London voted down a draft divorce deal

  •    Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was still "time to negotiate" but British Prime Minister Theresa May would need to come up with a proposal

  •    No one wants a "no deal Brexit," but the option is getting closer, said the EU's economy commissioner

11:47 The EU states could agree to extend the Brexit deadline if the UK "provides the reasons for such an extension," said the EU Commission chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas. He added that the agreed terms of the UK's departure could not be reworked, but left some leeway on more peripheral issues, such as a political declaration on trade after Brexit.

11:33 EU Commission said that the UK has not yet requested any extension of the Brexit deadline as March 29 looms.

11:22 Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said moving the March 29 Brexit deadline would only be considered if London suggested an orderly strategy and a plan.

11:13 The EU can influence the UK's position by softening its demands on the so-called Irish backstop, said the UK ambassador to Berlin, Sir Sebastian Wood.

10:46 The UK could ask for a postponement of the Brexit end date in order to get a deal through its parliament, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The EU would be ready to consider it in good faith, but would require concrete proposals and concessions from London.  

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