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The international press too watched in horror ...

'Great theatre - but tragic': Europe's media reacts in horror to May defeat | The Guardian |

Europe's media and commentators had few words harsh enough for the mess in which the UK - and Europe - now find themselves after Theresa May's deal suffered a crushing defeat in the House of Commons.

In the Netherlands, De Volkskrant columnist Bert Wagendorp was particularly brutal: "It is almost certainly the case that in recent European history, absent a threat of actual war, no country has landed itself in such complete and utter chaos," he wrote.

"The oldest parliament in the world after Iceland's is in one hell of a state. Brexit has split a once stable country in two and transformed its politicians into lemmings, throwing themselves off the white cliffs into the sea. It's great theatre - but tragic."

Historic naval battle near the Dutch coast of Scheveningen [Ter Heijde]  

Writing in the Spanish daily El País, Lluís Bassets warned that Tuesday's vote had been far from decisive, despite the scale of May's defeat, and worse could be to come.

    "To the misfortune of the British, and perhaps also the Europeans, this Tuesday was a historic day that does not preclude more historic days - all accompanied by the tragic storm clouds that tend to shadow history."

    Bassets said "the great shredding machine that is Brexit" was still hard at work, "fed by uncertainty, bitterness and rancour - the three dismal feelings that May evoked in her defeat speech, and the three evil spirits that only grow with each day that Brexit remains unresolved".

In Sweden's Aftonbladet, Wolfgang Hansson said May's historic defeat flowed from "one of the biggest mistakes a British prime minister has ever made: David Cameron's promise in 2013 to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership".

That decision had "divided the British people into two tribes that over time have become bitter enemies".

Curtains up for the next act of Westminster kabuki theatre ...

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