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A referendum is a yes or no question, not an option menu, even if you boil it down to just two options. Should the UK accept the EU-proposed deal* yes/no? is a referendum question. No Deal or Remain is not.

The Leave/Remain question has been answered two years ago and putting it back on the balance would validate all the "populists" Europhobic arguments against the EU and its allies not yielding to the people's choice, putting the same vote over again until they get "the right answer". At this point, a Leave/Remain rematch would just increase the civil war mood the Observer is describing.

* Why do we have to call it "May's deal"? Between the Barnier's led EU team and the UK team (let's not name leaders here), we know who has done the bulk of the legwork.

by Bernard on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 at 02:10:18 PM EST
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