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Brexit Border plan a non-runner, say Troubles-era customs officers
Former Northern Irish customs officers who manned Border checkpoints during the Troubles believe Boris Johnson's Brexit plan to impose a customs border and still avoid a hard border would be unworkable.

Three officers who worked on the Border at the time of repeated IRA attacks on customs checkpoints in the 1970s said it would be impossible to impose a customs border and not have checks at the Border.

"You either have a border or you don't," said Bill Carson (79), who worked as a customs officer in Newry in the 1970s.

The Co Armagh man was injured in a botched IRA bomb attack that destroyed the Newry customs house in August 1972 and killed nine people, including four customs officers, two lorry drivers and three IRA men.

It was the deadliest attack on a Border customs post during the Troubles.

Customs posts along the Border were frequently the target of republican attacks during the Troubles. There were 484 bombings and other incidents recorded at customs posts between 1969 and 1992, according to the Northern Ireland Land Boundary 1923-1992, a book published by the then HM Customs & Excise in 1993.

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