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Tunnel, landing zone, border in the Irish sea ... I am not a fan of neologism. And the Brits have run a gamut. Nor am I a fan of Coveney and Varadkar. Remarks off code have only encouraged scurrilous wags. What a surprise to find Buzzfeed's man in Brussels. ugh.

However, RTE Connelly's 12 Oct dispatch surfaced in the feed.

Long story short: They're haggling over EU tariff schedule (utterly predictable) with a NI rebate sweetener (utterly predictable) to be collected at specific NI ports (utterly predictable) not roads and EU commodity quota. Possibly joint port inspections --a reheated T. May talking point as is geolocation data sharing.

Not mentioned, the cover story ("big EU concession") is HRM BoJo inks FTA before exit, which is the D1 Tory idee fixe of "negotiating" withdrawal. Not mentioned, and I would bet, Barclay has turfed the draft assignment to EC which is pissed, because 7 day deadline to table at HoC wich is FoS which portends parallel EU calculation of and rapid response to UK extension request, say, 30 Nov for "deal" approval or fuck off? Mebe 31 Dec.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Oct 12th, 2019 at 12:12:28 PM EST
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