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Helen:"I hate the idea of leaving the EU, but I don't think the country can survive this impasse much longer. So, if we're gonna go, then some lukewarm halfway house will probably work for most people."

Of all the rationales for letting some form of Brexit through, this is the one I hate the most. The idea that you can appease Brexiteers by throwing them the bone of a soft Brexit seems to me to be be even more delusional than the idea you could appease Hitler by letting him have the Sudetenland..

They will take the bone and demand more. Every minor and major problem will be blamed on remoaners and not having gotten a clean break from the EU. Brexiteers will not rest until the break is complete, and will be encouraged in their efforts by the half victory they have already achieved.

The other part of that rationale I hate is the idea that Brexiteers will take to violence and that a sort of low intensity civil war will break out - a sort of Northern Ireland comes to Britain.

Somehow the idea has taken hold that right wing violence as legitimate, effective, justifiable and impossible to resist while left wing violence is almost desirable as it enables the riot squads to let of some steam and do some recreational head bashing.

I'm sorry, this is tough and easy for an outsider to say, but the class system in the UK is THE problem. I am not normally a revolutionary type - being far too wedded to constitutional processes for change, but there is no easy way to say this: The UK is in the throes of a revolution and you either fight it or give way to fascism.

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